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  • T Office © is a Petrus Toxy Law Firm company.


  • T Office © is seeking venture capital to through Deep Learning develope Intelligent Software in the line of Counter-Terrorism.


  • T Office © is looking for an exclusive venture partner in the business line of Intelligent Software, designed to solve security issues in Vehicle Network Security of vehicles of today and of autonomous vehicles of tomorrow.


  • T Office © is looking for a co-operation industry partner in following fields: Airplane-, Ships, Train- and Vehicle manufactures, for testing of Petrus Toxy A.I. Software.


All Software are created under the name: Petrus Toxy A.I. Software.



A blended malware which not only can be used to hack your car, but also to hijack your car and remote control your car on a far distance have seen the daylight at Petrus Toxy A.I. Software.


Next step is to re-connect with an automobile company outside Sweden, then Sweden don't have any more any automobile industry to talk about.


An other step is start create spinnoff products to this blended malware. The end goal is to do the same as you now can do with cars, also with: heavy vehicles, airplanes, ships, trains and in a very near future also with drones, and with the next generation of doministic robots and IoT.


The goal with Petrus Toxy A.I. Software © designed to Vehicle Networks Security is to prevent terrorists from access the exploits in attack surface on: airplanes, ships, trains, heavy vehicles such as trucks, light vehicles such as cars, with or without driverless enviroment, drones, doministic robots and IoT.


My software will counter-act future terrorattacks as those we have seen in: Barcelona, Berlin, Jerusalem, London, New York, Nice and Stockholm.


In which country the software ends up in depends on;


1) Possibilities to find co-operation partners in that specific country, in my field of Offensive Network Security incl. AI, ANN, DNN and ML.


2) Possibilities to find venture capital in that specific country to create thisblended malware in a larger scale and to create spinn-off products to this blended malware, and last but not least;


3) If it's possible to re-locate myself and my business to that specific country, this of security reasons.


"Counter-act problems before problems become problems."

Petrus Toxy

/ Petrus Toxy

Founder of T Office © - Offensive Network Security



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